Guided Tours in Las Vegas

Bus tours are still the most convenient and famous way getting out and exploring new sights. Well that is why broad windows, comfy seats and air conditioned structure were made for. Like so many other things big bus tours appear nearly tailor made when talking about a city like Vegas. The sights are near to reach as well as far flung to explore. But as long as there are comfy seats with wheel rolling there is nothing to worry about. And as it is Las Vegas there are numerous bus tours for almost everything.

If you are interested in watching a pawnshop made popular in Pawn stars just step right up. If you feel an urge to find out what really it is out there in Area 51 then click to book your seat up. If you want a close look up at a man made wonder then opt for Hop abroad Hoover Dam bus tour. You will get a variety of buses over here. Few have open top while others are the double deckers. Few buses appear enclosed while others are cruise mobiles.

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Sit back and Go down the renowned Vegas strip. Grasp your camera on the edge for the iconic scenes. You will cross the Statue of Liberty, MGM Lion, the Eiffel Tower, Sphinx, old downtown Vegas, counting the Pawn Shop and the Golden Nugget, as well as the Welcome to Las Vegas symbol. You can always use the opportunity to travel with your favorite stars. Pay a glance at all Vegas landmarks with the soothe of your seat on Big Bus Tour. You will ride around the iconic places, hotels, and monuments. Here are few bus tours in Las Vegas listed below.

Area 51 Tour


This tour bus will take you beyond your imaginations. It will pacify your curious mind and take you to the most popular places starting from military facility the stimulation of X Files.

Pawn Stars VIP Tour

The adventure begins at largest and unique aquarium, Acrylic Tank Manufacturing and then to Planet’s most popular show Tanked. The adventure continues to stop over at the garages of American Restoration and Counting Cars.

The Walking Gourmet Food Tours

If you have immense love for food then this is the right choice for you. You will encounter luscious cuisines and cocktails.

Big Bus Tour

big bus tours

Big Bus Tours covers downtown Las Vegas in London style of double decker bus.

Bullets and Burger Adventure

The ride starts with moving from the hotel through shuttle to the destined Bullets and Burgers range. On the occasion at the range, you will be able to do shooting in dusty Desert Storm environment in the Mojave Desert along with the assistance of certified ex military instructors.

There will be offered a variety of guns and machine guns. It will also be including the real guns from the movie Rambo, Jumanji and Terminator. At the spot you will also be given ham burgers to keep you energized. After the shooting is done enjoy All American Famous Burger, French fries and soft drink or strong beverage at the World renowned Arizona restaurant.






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