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From The Arenac Independent

By Tim Barnum

TWINING- For his fifth book, “Lost Youth,” Shaun Webb of Twining is getting back to his writing roots, which he says are in the true crime genre.

“I’ve decided, though, that true crime is definitely my best subject,” he said.  “It works for me. I enjoy digging into the story. It’s more emotional, I guess you could say.”

Webb wrote his first book, which was also a true crime novel, in 2010.  The following three books he authored were horror/fantasy novels and a futuristic dystopian book.

In “Lost Youth,” Webb not only takes readers back to his writing roots, but to his childhood as well, as the book tells of the murder of 13-year-old Colette Molyneaux, whom Webb knew while growing up in Waterford.

“I was 15 when she was murdered back in 1981,” he said. “I lived a mile from her. I knew her. I knew the kid that murdered her, Ronnie Moore. He was 15 too at the time. He’s in prison for life.”

Through his writing, Webb said he hopes to give readers an in-depth look at the murder.

“The reason I wrote this story is because a lot of people didn’t really know what had really happened,” he said.  “There were so many questions about what happened, what led up to it, what factors were involved. That’s why I kind of wrote the story by looking at it from her side and that perspective and his side, that perspective.”

“I wanted to get into the why,” Webb said. “The “whys” were the thing. I also wanted to shine a light on Colette. I wanted to write about what a wonderful girl she was, why people really liked her. I even had people send me letters that they wrote to Colette that I included in the book. It’s very touching.”

Webb relocated to Twining from Waterford in 2013 after coming up north for an extended period of time to look after his mother, who had cancer.

“When she died in 2013, instead of going back down to Waterford, I thought this was a more peaceful place to live,” he said. “Down-state was too noisy and fast. Up here is just a better place.”

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Press Release

MI- Waterford native and current Twining resident Shaun Webb announces the release of his new true crime book, Lost Youth: A True Story, which studies the tragic 1981 Devil’s Night murder of then Waterford resident 13- year-old Colette Molyneaux.

Webb expects the book to explain and answer many of the questions people have asked surrounding the tragic event. “People, especially Colette’s friends, have wondered what really happened on that awful Devil’s Night. This book will hopefully answer those questions.”

Lost Youth is Webb’s fifth full-length work and second true crime study. “I enjoy writing fiction, but true crime is my preference. I long to accurately inform the public of facts otherwise difficult to obtain.”

Colette’s murder saddened and gripped an entire community. Webb promises to not only cover the facts of the crime, police investigation and trial of the suspected killer, but also celebrate Colette’s short life. “Colette was very special to many people. Her death reverberates some 35 years later.”

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To: Colette


I hope it’s good. I worked hard to make this work shine a special light upon you. I know Heaven’s light shines on you every second, but you deserved some of the human light.

I have a feeling you were with me as I toiled. You wouldn’t allow me to stop. You helped me through some rough patches when I felt like throwing the book in the trash. You pushed me and WE did it….together.

I can’t wait until the day comes that I meet you in Heaven. I wanted to be sure you were pleased with my effort. You inspire me every day.

Bless you Colette….and thank you.


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You all want to know what REALLY happened on that fateful October night in 1981…This book will explain everything.