Lost Youth Pre-Sale Open

Lost Youth: A True Story is now officially on sale.  Let’s start with the pricing. Pre-sale is thru Feb 28.

Retail                 24.99
Tax                   1.50
Shipping               2.00

Total                 28.49

Here’s how to order:  Send a check or money order to:

Shaun Webb
1977 N. BRIGGS RD.
TWINING, MI  48766

Please make a note if you’d like your book signed along with what you want it to say. I.e. Just a signature or a message…..and if you’d like it in your name.

For credit card orders, call me at

I do NOT accept any other method of payment. Send cash at your own risk.  No Paypal!

I am ordering a shipment of books from my publisher first week of March. You should receive your book by mid-March. I will get them out to you ASAP after I receive them.

Your information is safe with me. After credit card payment is made, all info will be destroyed. Everyone will receive a receipt with their book. ALL SALES ARE FINAL….NO REFUNDS!

You all want to know what REALLY happened on that fateful October night in 1981…This book will explain everything.


While you’re waiting…


It will be another month before the release of Lost Youth: A True Story.  In the meantime, click on my Amazon page above and consider picking up one or two of my other works:

A Motion for Innocence…..True Crime
Black Jacks….Mystery/thriller
A Killer for the Queen…Mystery
Behind the Brick….Action

These books are available in both softcover and Kindle.  I know many of you are waiting for the book about Colette Molyneaux, but you can wet your reading appetite while you patiently wait.

Remember, details about the Lost Youth pre-sale are coming soon!

Lost Youth: A True Story

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Early synopsis:

Lost Youth Synopsis 12/10/14

#1 Amazon bestselling Author Shaun Webb’s sixth full-length work, and second true crime study, Lost Youth; A True Story, delves into a fateful October 1981 night in Waterford, Michigan that rocked a quiet family’s peace and shook an entire community to its deepest emotional depth.

Colette Molyneaux, 13, a cute, healthy and happy teenager, paid the ultimate price in a criminal’s horrible thirst for blood.  Nancy Molyneaux, Colette’s mother, also suffered enormously, enduring the violent act of rape on top of losing a dear daughter.

Who was responsible for these monstrous crimes?  Why did such a bright light and friendly young lady have to be extinguished so brutally?  More to the point; what factors could have possibly contributed to the awful situation?

In his search for the truth, Shaun digs into the police investigation, forensic science and interviews with the people who were closest…

View original 92 more words

Let’s get Excited!

The book about Colette Molyneaux is coming very soon.

What a fascinating young lady! She was so nice to everybody, and such a good example on how to live!!

This book is a dedication to her life, and her wonderful spirit. Colette was such an awesome girl!!

We all know what happened, but in our forgiving spirit, we move past that and celebrate her life.

It’s coming soon folks, and I pray that it gives Colette her due.

Keep an eye on my blog, as I will give you every update that’s available.

Keep it real .. .

Coming soon..Lost Youth…A True Story