Jodi Arias Trial- The Uncensored Pictures & Update 4-26-13

When I say uncensored, I mean NO bars blocking anything out.  If you’d like to see the pics, and I don’t know why you would…..the link is at the bottom of the post.  When you click on the video, the majority covers Travis’ death photos, but from 1:34:45 through 1:41:47 covers the nude photos of both Jodi and Travis.  If you must see them, then that’s your business.  I warn you!  The entire set of pics is graphic and disturbing.

Update 4-26-13:  Now I think I have  a good grip on what happened.  Jodi found out Travis was going to Mexico and wigged out.  She took pictures of him in the shower to make him vulnerable, and when he wasn’t looking, jumped on his back and started stabbing.  He struggled out of the shower trying to get her off, spreading blood and smears down the hall.  He finally did get her off him, but not before being stabbed many times in the back and the front.  He went to the sink and began spitting blood out of his mouth and nose when she came up behind him and slashed his throat.  He was falling and she caught him.  She dragged him down the hall and placed him at the entrance to the shower area, where he bled to death.  She then pulled out the gun and shot him.  The bullet casing landed on top of the blood.  She then dragged his dead body to the shower and shoved him in the best she could.  It was out-and-out murder.  I have tried to see the case from her side, but I just can’t.  She’s lying and she’s psychopathic.  I’m afraid turning her loose may risk another death(s).  The fact that I don’t care for the prosecutor doesn’t matter.  He’s doing his job, rather loudly!  Jodi was a sexual toy for Travis, but she liked it.  She liked his perverted nature and she liked it when he humiliated her, i.e. ejaculating on her face, anal sex, etc.   Sorry Jodi…..That’s the way I see it.  I’ll bet I’m right.  (Very graphic and  uncensored – you’ve been warned)

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