Jodi Arias Trial- The Uncensored Pictures & Update 4-26-13

When I say uncensored, I mean NO bars blocking anything out.  If you’d like to see the pics, and I don’t know why you would…..the link is at the bottom of the post.  When you click on the video, the majority covers Travis’ death photos, but from 1:34:45 through 1:41:47 covers the nude photos of both Jodi and Travis.  If you must see them, then that’s your business.  I warn you!  The entire set of pics is graphic and disturbing.

Update 4-26-13:  Now I think I have  a good grip on what happened.  Jodi found out Travis was going to Mexico and wigged out.  She took pictures of him in the shower to make him vulnerable, and when he wasn’t looking, jumped on his back and started stabbing.  He struggled out of the shower trying to get her off, spreading blood and smears down the hall.  He finally did get her off him, but not before being stabbed many times in the back and the front.  He went to the sink and began spitting blood out of his mouth and nose when she came up behind him and slashed his throat.  He was falling and she caught him.  She dragged him down the hall and placed him at the entrance to the shower area, where he bled to death.  She then pulled out the gun and shot him.  The bullet casing landed on top of the blood.  She then dragged his dead body to the shower and shoved him in the best she could.  It was out-and-out murder.  I have tried to see the case from her side, but I just can’t.  She’s lying and she’s psychopathic.  I’m afraid turning her loose may risk another death(s).  The fact that I don’t care for the prosecutor doesn’t matter.  He’s doing his job, rather loudly!  Jodi was a sexual toy for Travis, but she liked it.  She liked his perverted nature and she liked it when he humiliated her, i.e. ejaculating on her face, anal sex, etc.   Sorry Jodi…..That’s the way I see it.  I’ll bet I’m right.  (Very graphic and  uncensored – you’ve been warned)

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21 thoughts on “Jodi Arias Trial- The Uncensored Pictures & Update 4-26-13

  1. You’re as psychotic and delusional as Jodi if you think this is a manslaughter case. I can only hope the jury doesn’t consist of people like you

  2. Travis was the abuser, sociopath. He got exactly what he deserved. He used Jodi and treated her disrespectfully and he reaped what he sowed. The rage coming from her was not from jealousy but from the abuse Travis kept shoving into her. THANK GOD that Travis is no longer able to abuse any more women and children. Diacusting Mormon pr#%k is burning in hell. Jodi should walk or at most get manslaughter.The prosecutor is an A$$.

      • Just shoot her and get it over with, why is it always the woman that is the one being abused, Why can’t Jodi just be a flat out cold stone killer?

    • I hope that the same thing that happened to Travis will happen to you Ms Amanda! There is no evidence that he was an abuser or anything mention in court, yet all her lies were proven, all she ever does is to lie, lie and more lies!!! Peace!

  3. I think Jody was abused. I think she suffered in silence. She didn’t put it in her diary because he could have found it. She didn’t tell anyone because she didn’t want to get him in trouble or that people wouldn’t believe her. Which is exactly what is happening now. Mental abuse is ABUSE!
    It is actually worse than physical abuse because it is impossible to prove it’s going on unless someone else sees it. Even if the woman does call police, they don’t take it seriously and even if they do believe you, there is nothing they can do unless there is obvious physical injury AND it has to have happened 3 or 4 times. ANYONE WHO HAS NOT EXPERIENCED YEARS OR MENTAL AND/OR PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO SAY ANYTHING. Jody needs to be in a psych hospital, not a prison. She has serious mental health issues and needs help. The way that she did it and her behaviour since then, is a clear indication that she is not right in the head, and that the abuse was bad enough to cause her to snap like that.
    I also don’t think that the testimony given by the psychologist who was trying to say she has PTSD should be thrown out completely because it isn’t fair to blame Jody for his incompetence.

    • She shows no signs of abuse physically or emotionally. She connected this her third story in order of her to avoid the death penalty. Experts have shown in detail skeptical views of her story. The only person abused was the one with the throat cut Travis. She will be injected for her sociopathic terrorism she fostered

    • Jodi wanted a white educated Mormon husband… She was a dirt poor Mexican and hated the thought of living with a fat beener and 6 snotty kids! she gave up that ugly (why is her cock so ugly? Looks like someone put a grenade in it) pussy and tried to rope and bring Travis in as her white husband… No luck, so miss three hole wonder killed him in rage because he was going to Mexico with the nice virgin white Mormon girl!

  4. You are right on point the proscuter done lost his first degree muder charge I would bet money he treats his wife and abuses her if he is not a pillow biter the way he acts like he is a woman hater.and that judge is in tight with him. He is acting like casey anthony , s proscuter jeff dumb ass. Over charged ..really people no girl like jodi is going to whip the shit of a man the size of travis they got in. a big fight she did what she had to save her life. and she has big mental problems if any body don,t think that at least one of the jouor s dont like the way dumb ass is treating the woman wittness, s the judge is way biased .

  5. Anybody defending Jodi is a fucking idiot.
    I guess it’s necessary to completely SLAUGHTER someone in “self-defense.” You dense women defending her are only doing so because of exactly that; she’s a WOMAN. Like you. As if women can’t be psychotic, jealous killers, and that’s exactly what Jodi is. You don’t think Travis could have easily overpowered her or gotten her into submission if he wanted to? I mean BEFORE she stabbed him an impossible amount of times and shot him in the face? IDIOTS.

  6. Travis may or may not have been mentally abusive to Jodie. That much was not proven or disproven in the case. However, being mean is not a reason to get stabbed and shot. If we were allowed to stab and shoot everyone that was mean to us, there would be justified killings at work, at school, at home, on the playground, in line at the supermarket, and in parking lots all over America. Whether he was mentally abusive or not had nothing to do with his murder. She was already out of the situation. If she had just stayed gone, she would be free to get the help she needs. She made a CHOICE, and now she has to live (or die) with the consequences of that choice. On a final note, all of you people who say she was justified, if the roles were switched and the man was on trial for killing his ex-girlfriend, you would be ready to fry him.

  7. I would give her life, but not death penalty; hard to recreate exactly what happened, best case scenario for her is that he said or did something, deliberate or not, that she perceived to be threatening, and that touched her off. She is not in the same category as Polly Klass murderer, who raped and murdered a 12 yr. old, and was unrepentant. Also, she did not have a long criminal history. Even if he abused her, she is still a murder, but we don’t know how dangerous their mutual play got before she snapped. She was definitely not justified, she admits that, but death penalty, no, I wouldn’t vote for it. There is a “gray area” of what went on between them before she snapped. Did she enter with premeditated conviction to kill him? Maybe, maybe not, I am just not sure. At what point did consensual but dangerous behavior jump over the line into violence? hard to say.

  8. Jodi lied her Mexican ass off about Travis !!! I live 5 miles from that house, Travis went to my ward and Jodi was so full of self hate and loathing because she was a simple California Mexican (NOTHING wrong with that, by the way) and she was determined to become a white wife of an executive and live a nice middle class Mormon life, away from the fat Hispanic girls she was raised with in California who already had shitty little kids and improvised lives! She lost her Mexican accent and kept her hair blond or light, anything but Mexican black! HATED MEXICANS ! And avoided like the Plague! Travis fell for the zip less puck! She was a simple clap on clap off ejaculation for him! mindless screwing to ease a boring life! she swallowed , took it in the keester like a fag, and was his on call yo-yo puss! She thought she could fuk him so good he would love her, but he wanted that sweet Mormon girl for his virgin wife, not the spineless easy fuk-o-matic she was! The more easy it is to cornhole a girl, the more you loath her! Jodi finally saw, and accepted her role as a cock sucking dick magnet, and nothing more that that! she slaughtered Travis then had 5 years to make up all these stories about him! Jodi is a nasty beener and can never escape that ! I hope they let the dudes on death row fuk her along with the last meal!

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  10. Some of you guys posting on here have f*cking issues. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, but the posts I’m seeing on here are beyond vindictive. WIshing death upon people? Some of you guys, and gals, posting seem just as capable of the same actions. You guys should be less concerned with the case and more concerned with checking yourself in for some help.

    • Agreed. The whole USA seems dead set on having this girl killed. It’s not going to fix anything. I say abolish the death penalty, sex offender registry; and all the other draconian laws that pollute our population. Also….thanx a lot media for constantly firing up the masses.

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