My Daughter’s Pain

I’ve had it!  I’ve had enough of the state and the government garbage.  My 17 yr-old daughter is in the hospital fighting depression, anxiety and trauma over what happened to me in 2006.  Because I was falsely accused and wrongly convicted of a crime I never committed, my daughter suffers.  I’m beyond pissed and I’m beyond my line in the sand.  I’m letting everyone know…From state reps to congressional reps to the Damn President.  My “crime” has alienated the young woman who looks up to me for guidance and protection.  These “laws” were supposedly made to “protect” the children, yet my child is dying over it.  Who exactly are they protecting?  Who exactly are they taking care of?  Not me, not my family and not my offspring.

Here it is people…..Everyone tells me to “get over it”, “move on”, “forget the past”; but how can I when John Walsh, Nancy Grace and the rest of the fucksticks in the media keep pushing laws that they say are protecting kids?  Because no other entity in this country will allow me to do anything productive, I’ve relied on writing books to make my living.  Even then, there are vigilantes all around who criticize me, write nasty stuff about me and otherwise mess with my peaceful existence.  I’ve never bothered anyone, including my cursed accuser; and this is what I get to live with?  Now my daughter gets to live with my curse….my cross to bear, because we have a screwed up set of laws and a bunch of “Do-Gooder” politicians who would rather get votes than deal with the real issues.

Call me bitter, call me angry, call me whatever you want.  I’ve had enough of this shit rolling downhill and covering other innocent people.  If you want me to be penalized, fine!  But don’t penalize all of the other people who have done nothing more than be in my family.  My “crime” was being convicted of touching a 15 yr-old breast OVER HER SHIRT!  Yes!  That’s what I was convicted for.  A stupid lawyer, ignorant jury and selfish prosecutor (And ?? Judge Tyner) all contributed to mis-justice that has gone far beyond simply me being victimized.

Let’s talk about my beautiful daughter for a moment.  She has had to endure a father that hasn’t been allowed to be present at any of her school functions.  She’s had to endure “keeping a secret” everything her father has been through.  How has my daughter handled this?  Through alcohol, drugs and other harmful practices.  The result?  A depressed young woman who struggles to deal with the life of being a sex offender’s child.  Did she commit any crime?  NO.  Did she “insult” the integrity of a state?  NO!  Yet she has to feel the same mental difficulties that I do?  How is that just?  Mr. Walsh, I understand what you’ve been through with your child, but was your goal to also penalize mine?  You need to re-think the ignorance you spread and “get over it” like we have to do.

My daughter is lying in a hospital right now, as we speak, with IV’s sticking out of her arm because she can’t handle what they did to her father.  She has oxygen feeding into her system through her nose and doesn’t feel like life is worth living.  Why?  Because the state, county, etc. had to get a conviction despite the fact that NO evidence existed condemning me.

My daughter is feeling the pain inflicted by a state that has no empathy for the “others” who are affected by their ignorant decisions.  I’ll tell you what….everybody is getting letters and hearing about this.  It’s time to stop hiding and start making noise about the huge injustices and the awful effects it has on the innocent.  My daughter is guilty of nothing more than being my daughter and she feels my pain every damn day.

Does anyone out there care?  Does anyone out there feel that it’s enough?  Please, let the lawmakers know what they’re doing is KILLING innocent souls.  I know I’m going too.  I hope you’re with me.

I have questions:

Former (fired) Judge Deborah Tyner:  Was a conviction that important to you?  Was your constant beratements and hurrying the case along your idea of justice?  Kept your docket clear, eh?

Former (fired) prosecutor Rob Giles:  Were your blatant lies in court so important that it has affected other lives in a negative way?  Was a conviction on your record book worth the young lives YOU’VE adversely affected?

White Lake PD Detective Mark Silverthorn:  So you couldn’t decide who was lying and who was telling the truth?  You washed your hands of it with no guilt whatsoever.  You’re a modern-day Pontius Pilate.

Defense Attorney Matt Catchick:  That’s all you had for fight in you?  You gave up before it ever began.  I threw my money and life away.

I’m innocent of any and all lies made up against me by Brooke Robertson.  BTW Brooke, how does it feel to walk through life knowing you not only screwed over an innocent man, but also his lovely 17 yr-old daughter?  I guess you’re one that causes an accident, but never looks back to see the destruction you left behind.

The Jurors?  Ignorance is bliss.

This isn’t over.  I refuse to let my daughter suffer without letting EVERYONE know about the injustice.  My crusade has begun, and I will write, preach and make it my personal goal to see change.

Count on it!

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