A terrible sentence…


The Alabama fan that placed his genitals on the passed out LSU fan a few months ago was sentenced to 2 years jail and is forced to register as a sex offender. I don’t for one second believe this incident warrants a sex offender rap.  Why?  because he was being stupid and did a stupid thing, but will be labled and assumed to be a PREDATOR!! Is he a predator? Hell no: He’s just some asshole that did a dumb thing.

The Government has lost control of the list. The registry brings in cold, hard cash to people like Lunsford, Walsh and Grace. They continue to water it down with stupid convictions like the one here. How many times have you gone to a concert and rubbed close to someone else, even though you didn’t really mean it? Many times…Don’t say you don’t….you’d be lying.

Soon the registry will be so watered down, it won’t matter anymore….I say good. This list should only be for dangerous people who rape and abuse children on purpose. Not dumb drunks who placed their dick on some passed out dudes head. It’s also not for public urination. When you look on the registry and see (4th degree CSC, victim 13-16) you automatically believe a kid was raped when the fact of the matter is that they saw  his penis while he peed. It’s obnoxious.

It’s to the point where anyone can say anything about anyone, no matter when, where, what or why and it sticks like glue.  It doesn’t even matter if the “victim” says it happened 455 years ago…you’re going to jail.

Now some people say “What if it was a female he did this to?” Well, it wasn’t, but if it was, it still doesn’t constitute a sex offense.  When you go Mardi Gras and a woman whips out her tits and rubs them against you, is that a sex offense? Is that abuse? Is that a horrible sex crime? I hope you get my point.

This kid’s life is ruined. A college degree down the drain.  What a shame. Shame on the Judge and prosecutors who made more $$$ for their state by adding another name to the list.  When are we going to say “enough’s enough?”  Never…why? Because they’ll throw our asses in jail.

A think the penalty was harsh!

Please, please…Don’t drink and drive

This is another case of drinking and driving causing the death of another human being.  What makes this more intense for me is that I know the family of the 17 yr-old who was drinking and caused the death of another person.  The woman killed was a 38 yr-old mother of two teen-agers.

It make me sick to the core. I have a 17 yr-old daughter who was friends with this 17 yr-old.  I have instilled in my daughter just how fast entire lives can be completely ruined. The lives of the drunk-driving 17 yr-old, her family and the family of the victim are all changed forever.

The young girl will face up to 20 years in prison, her family will face scrutiny and in a case like this, nobody wins. I would like to send my deepest condolences to the family of the mother who was killed.  A waste of life…..in more ways than one.

Milford woman dies in head-on collision early Saturday morning

By DUSTIN BLITCHOK Of The Oakland Press

A 38-year-old Milford woman was pronounced dead on the scene after a head-on collision early Saturday morning on Milford Road.
At about 5:39 a.m. Saturday, Milford police and firefighters responded to a 911 call for a two-vehicle accident on Milford Road south of General Motors Road.
The driver of the other car, a 17-year-old White Lake Township woman, was taken to Botsford Hospital with “non-life threatening orthopedic injuries,” according to a statement by Milford Police Chief Thomas Lindberg.
Milford Road was closed for several hours after the fatal accident.

“There was dense fog throughout the region at the time of the crash and alcohol is suspected to have been a factor,” Lindberg said.
The cause of the accident is under investigation by the Milford Police Department and the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office accident investigation team. An autopsy will be performed on the 38-year-old woman who died in the crash.

The shoe on the other foot??



Written by

Jace Larson

Former DPD officer under investigation for child sex crimes

Officer Andre Pino resigned five days after the Denver Police Department’s Internal Affairs Bureau started investigating him for alleged criminal solicitation to commit sexual assault on a child, enticement of a child and sexual exploitation of a child.

The investigation into Pino is still ongoing, Mary Dulacki, Denver Manager of Safety Records Coordinator told 9Wants to Know Wednesday afternoon.

Court documents reviewed by 9NEWS say Pino’s girlfriend suspected Pino of cheating on her. After she dropped him off at the airport, she went back to his house and searched his computer for evidence.

Court documents show she claims she found online chat conversations on Pino’s computer. She described them as “horrific chat conversations.” Then she downloaded the conversations to a removable drive and gave that drive to investigators.

Court documents detail alleged conversations between chatters in April and May of 2011 and April of 2012. Pino’s girlfriend said he used the chat name caphillfun1979.

In one chat, Pino allegedly asked a woman who was baby sitting her five-year-old nephew to perform a sex act on her nephew.

Court documents say the conversation continued:

caphillfun1979: turn on your web cam so i can watch sexymommy311980(removed by 9NEWS): OK caphillfun1979: how old is your niece sexymommy311980(removed by 9NEWS): One is 3 and one 7 caphillfun1979: you watch them both?

Four other conversations are detailed in court documents.

In one of those additional conversations, caphillfun1979 offered to sell a chatter, using the name tgirl_starlet, “coke” if she performs a sex act on him, according to court documents.

In another conversation with same screen name, tgirl_starlet thanks caphillfun1979 for something.

tgirl_starlet: thanks for that stuff, it was soooo good caphillfun1979: no problem….you can make it up to me by finally introducing me to your friend

A person who identified himself as Pino, when reached by 9NEWS via text message, denied the allegations.

“It’s not legit,” the person who said he was Pino told 9Wants to Know.

Officers with the internal affairs bureau are waiting on evidence that has been requested, to see whether to open a criminal case, Dulacki said.

If a criminal case is opened, another law enforcement agency could be asked to investigate, she said.

Pino worked as a patrol officer in district 6 before resigning Oct. 24, Dulacki said. He started with the department in 2005.

Back off…Overzealous prosecutors

Want to know what this article is about? It’s about a man that videotaped his children dancing after a bath. No abuse, no sexual deviance, nothing. The coach turned his phone into the University to be repaired and the whiz on the other side of the counter decided he should report the vid. Now he’s arrested and the punk-ass prosecutors say he had sexual gratification from the vid…..BULLSHIT!  Drop the charges and let this man live his life. He was having fun with his tiny children and meant no sexual anything from the vid. BTW, Nice job phone-guy!  You must be proud of yourself for being the “hero.” Truth is, you ruined this man’s life. I hope someone does the same for you some day. Asshole.

Minnesota State head coach arrested on suspicion of child pornography

by Graham Watson


After Jerry Sandusky’s sexual misdeeds came to light, the thought of child sexual abuse striking another college football team seemed almost unfathomable, but on Tuesday, Minnesota State coach Todd Hoffner was booked into Blue Earth County jail on suspicion of using underage people in a sexual performance and possession of child pornography.

Hoffner, 46, had originally been escorted off the Mavericks’ practice field Friday and had been on paid administrative leave.

“The University is not aware of any allegations affecting university students or program participants,” university spokesman Dan Benson said in the statement.

(Mankato Free Press)An investigation into the charges has begun by the Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Department, but they did not disclose what has turned up or when they’ll file formal charges.

“We began investigating yesterday,” Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Department Capt. Rich Murry told the Mankato Free Press. “Based on information from our initial investigation we executed a search warrant at his residence Monday morning.”

According to Carol Stallkamp, Minnesota State Mankato data practices coordinator and assistant to MSU President Richard Davenport, two complaints have been filed against Hoffner since he arrived at the university in 2008 – one personnel complaint was closed with no disciplinary action and another complaint is pending.

Associate head coach/offensive coordinator Aaron Keen, who has been running the football program since last Friday, spoke briefly to the media and said he was shocked by the allegations against Hoffner, who has a wife and three children. He said he would address the team about the situation Wednesday morning.

“I don’t think anybody ever really expects anything like this,” he said.

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The making of “Behind the Brick” II

The map shows all the routes my characters are taking in Michigan circa 2050.  The pink shows the wall surrounding the entire U.P. of Michigan while the blue and red represent other routes.  I have researched extensively so that train lines, sensible driving routes and character development within the State of Michigan is as accurate and realistic as possible.  I’m about 240 pages into my first draft (note: I re-read every ten chapters and make changes.) and it’s going well.  I still hope for a March or April 2013 release.  This is by far the best book I’ve written.  I can’t wait until YOU get a chance to read it!

Jeffrey Pyne: Guilty or Innocent?

Jeffrey Pyne is on trial for the murder of his mother.  She was bludgeoned to death inside the families garage over a year ago.  After sitting in jail for 12 months, Jeffrey is finally getting his day in court.  Many people are doubting Jeffrey’s guilt while others think he did it; not for thrills, but to protect his siblings.

Mrs. Pyne had a history of severe mental illness, as discussed in publications such as the Detroit Free Press, News and Oakland Press.  Jeffrey and his siblings had allegedly taken several beatings from this woman throughout their lives.  Could it be that Jeffrey had finally had enough?  Perhaps someone else close to the family inflicted the fatal blows that killed Mrs. Pyne?

During testimony, Jeffrey’s boss claimed that Jeffrey arrived at work with raw injuries on the insides of his hands. One question:  What boss checks their employees hands before work begins?  Jeffrey claims that his hands were hurt from tossing pallets around while at work.  Having tossed my share of pallets at jobs throughout my life, Jeffrey could very well be telling the truth.  Pallets injure hands.

At the beginning of the case, as Jeffrey sat in jail, there was no mention in any media outlet of his mom’s mental difficulties.  As a concerned citizen pushed the media, it was finally investigated and shown to the public that yes, Jeffrey’s mother was extremely ill and had a penchant for beating her kids, including Jeffery.  If in fact Jeffrey did this, I can easily be led to the conclusion that it was for protection, not cold-blooded murder.

Jeffrey Pyne is an extremely intelligent, well-mannered young man who led his class and is gifted in academic achievement.  I do not see him throwing everything away just for the thrill of killing.  A man like this would have to be pushed into an act like that.  Remember, it is very possible that someone close to the family or even part of the family (i.e. cousin, uncle, etc) did this to protect those children.

I think the evidence thus far is thin and not nearly enough to convict this young man.  We’ll see how the case plays out.  I don’t trust Oakland County, their juries and especially the prosecutors, so I suppose anything can happen.  If he is found guilty of first-degree premeditated murder, it’ll be another scar on the jury system in this country.

Here’s hoping the correct decision is reached.  Right now…..that would be “Not Guilty!”

The Moronic Media

Another case of the media not knowing the difference between a sex offender and a pedophile. Perhaps one day they’ll smarten up and learn the difference between these two “labels.”  A pedophile is attracted to pre-pubescent children, while a sex offender is a “title” placed on the heads of anyone on the registry, whether they whizzed on a dumpster or raped someone. 


pedophilia n. an obsession with children as sex objects. Overt acts, including taking sexual explicit photographs, molesting children, and exposing one’s genitalia to children are all crimes. The problem with these crimes is that pedophilia is also treated as a mental illness, and the pedophile is often released only to repeat the crimes or escalate the activity to the level of murder. (See: molestation, rape, pornography)

Sex offender: 

sex offender n. GENERIC term for all persons convicted of crimes involving sex, including rape, molestation, sexual harassment and pornography production or distribution. (See: rape, molestation, sexual harassment, pornography)

Sex offender ( should say pedophile) suspected in 1970 Wis. child  murder

CARRIE ANTLFINGER, Associated PressCopyright 2012 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This  material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

CARRIE ANTLFINGER, Associated  Press

                 Published 7:52 a.m., Sunday, November 18, 2012

Read more: http://www.seattlepi.com/news/us/article/Sex-offender-suspected-in-1970-Wis-child-murder-4047844.php#ixzz2Can6aLXH

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Milwaukee prosecutors are trying to use the state’s sex offender law to help keep a 73-year-old man suspected of a 1970 child murder in custody. Robert Hill recently finished a 10-year sentence for sexually assaulting four children under the age of 10 between 1995 and 2002. But police say Hill also confessed to the 1970 killing of 9-year-old Donna Willing, before recanting. They say he knew details of her injuries that hadn’t been released. Since physical evidence in her case was destroyed or lost in the 1990s, prosecutors will now try to prove he is a sexually violent person who should be kept in custody indefinitely. A hearing Monday will determine if the case goes to trial.

Read more: http://www.seattlepi.com/news/us/article/Sex-offender-suspected-in-1970-Wis-child-murder-4047844.php#ixzz2Cam46HQh

Like it or not, this is the truth

False Rape Accusations May Be More Common Than Thought
By Wendy McElroy  |  Posted: Tue. May 2, 2006Also published in Foxnews.com

Is it the new 1-in-4 statistic?

I don’t mean the widely-circulated ‘1-in-4 women will be raped in their lifetime’ but a statistic that suggests ‘1-in-4 accusations of rape are false.’

For a long time, I have been bothered by the elusiveness of figures on the prevalence of false accusations of sexual assault. The crime of ‘bearing false witness’ is rarely tracked or punished, and the context in which it is usually raised is highly politicized.

Politically correct feminists claim false rape accusations are rare and account for only 2 percent of all reports. Men’s rights sites point to research that places the rate as high as 41 percent. These are wildly disparate figures that cannot be reconciled.

This week I stumbled over a passage in a 1996 study published by the U.S. Department of Justice: Convicted by Juries, Exonerated by Science: Case Studies in the Use of DNA Evidence to Establish Innocence After Trial.

The study documents 28 cases which, “with the exception of one young man of limited mental capacity who pleaded guilty,” consist of individuals who were convicted by juries and, then, later exonerated by DNA tests.

At the time of release, they had each served an average of 7 years in prison.

The passage that riveted my attention was a quote from Peter Neufeld and Barry C. Scheck, prominent criminal attorneys and co-founders of the Innocence Project that seeks to release those falsely imprisoned.

They stated, “Every year since 1989, in about 25 percent of the sexual assault cases referred to the FBI where results could be obtained, the primary suspect has been excluded by forensic DNA testing. Specifically, FBI officials report that out of roughly 10,000 sexual assault cases since 1989, about 2,000 tests have been inconclusive, about 2,000 tests have excluded the primary suspect, and about 6,000 have “matched” or included the primary suspect.”

The authors continued, “these percentages have remained constant for 7 years, and the National Institute of Justice’s informal survey of private laboratories reveals a strikingly similar 26 percent exclusion rate.”

If the foregoing results can be extrapolated, then the rate of false reports is roughly between 20 (if DNA excludes an accused) to 40 percent (if inconclusive DNA is added). The relatively low estimate of 25 to 26 percent is probably accurate, especially since it is supported by other sources.

Before analyzing the competing figures, however, caveats about the one just mentioned are necessary.

First, the category of ‘false accusations’ does not distinguish between accusers who lie and those who are honestly mistaken. Nor does it indicate that a rape did not occur, merely that the specific accused is innocent.

Thus, there is a drive by voices for reform, like the Innocence Institute, to improve eyewitness identification techniques within police departments.

For example, the Innocence Institute suggests “Police should use a ‘double-blind’ photo identification procedure where someone other than the investigator — who does not know who the suspect is — constructs photo arrays with non-suspects as fillers to reduce suggestiveness.”

Second, even if false accusations are as common as 1-in-4, that means 75 percent of reports are probably accurate and, so, all accusations deserve a thorough and professional investigation.

Third, the 1-in-4 figure has ‘fuzzy’ aspects that could influence the results. For example, Neufeld and Scheck mention only sexual assault cases that were “referred to the FBI where results could be obtained.”

It is not clear what percentage of all reported assaults are represented by those cases. As well, the terms ‘rape’ and ‘sexual assault’ are often used interchangeably, especially when comparing studies, and it is not clear that they are always synonyms for each other.

Nevertheless, the FBI data on excluded DNA is as close to hard statistics that I’ve found on the rate of false accusations of sexual assault.

Where do the other figures come from and why is there reason to doubt them? Let me consider the two statistics that I have encountered most often.

“Two percent of all reports are false.”

Several years ago, I tried to track down the origin of this much-cited stat. The first instance I found of the figure was in Susan Brownmiller’s book on sexual assault entitled “Against Our Will” (1975). Brownmiller claimed that false accusations in New York City had dropped to 2 percent after police departments began using policewomen to interview alleged victims.

Elsewhere, the two percent figure appears without citation or with only a vague attribution to “FBI” sources. Although the figure shows up in legislation such as the Violence Against Women Act, legal scholar Michelle Anderson of Villanova University Law School reported in 2004, “no study has ever been published which sets forth an evidentiary basis for the two percent false rape complaint thesis.”

In short, there is no reason to credit that figure.

“Forty-one percent of all reports are false.”

This claim comes from a study conducted by Eugene J. Kanin of Purdue University. Kanin examined 109 rape complaints registered in a Midwestern city from 1978 to 1987.

Of these, 45 were ultimately classified by the police as “false.” Also based on police records, Kanin determined that 50 percent of the rapes reported at two major universities were “false.”

Although Kanin offers solid research, I would need to see more studies with different populations before accepting the figure of 50 percent as prevalent; to me, the figure seems high.

But even a skeptic like me must credit a DNA exclusion rate of 20 percent that remained constant over several years when conducted by FBI labs. This is especially true when 20 percent more were found to be questionable.

False accusations are not rare. They are common.

Wendy McElroy Send email Wendy McElroy is a Research Fellow at The Independent Institute and her books include the Independent Institute volumes, Liberty for Women: Freedom and Feminism in the 21st Century, and Freedom, Feminism, and the State.

The making of “Behind the Brick”

Despite all the worldly bullshit that attempts to infiltrate my desires, I have made major progress on my new novel, Behind the Brick.  The last two weeks have found me filled with energy, excitement and creative juices that are flowing like a fountain.

I don’t want to give away much, but I’m dealing with quite a populated cast of characters.  I like my novels to be and stay busy, so this doesn’t bother me in the least.  I enjoy keeping multiple plot lines and giving the reader a complete experience.

My cast of characters.  (I won’t tell you anything more than the names).

1.  John Wisecroft

2.  Henry Jasper

3.  Henry Marsh

4.  A. Davis Goddard

5.  Ivan Cross

6.  Davis Lowell

7.  Sal “The Gal” Parker

8.  Rachel Lyons

9.  Matt Lyons

10.  Steven Smith

11.  Rick Lyons

12.  Jill Lyons

13.  Casper

14.  Mary

15.  Rene Duchard

16.  Nurse Lisa

17.  James Rogers

18.  Alan Lowell

19.  The man in the green truck

There you have it.  I know you can’t make heads or tails of it, but in Spring you will.  This is my best work yet.  The Black Jacks series is on a temporary hiatus, but will be continued after this work is finished.  We can never forget the awesome Amy Fraser, now can we?

In the meantime, I’ll be at more shows around Michigan through mid-December, then it’s a 1 and 1/2 month break before getting back at it.  In that month and a half, I’ll be working extensively on Behind the Brick in hopes of getting it ready for an April release.

Lastly, I’ve been doing a little reading….Everything’s Eventual by Stephen King.  I read 1408 and found the writing simply awesome.  How he can give me a picture of such chaos is beyond me.  It keeps my dream alive of being able to do the same one day.  That’s the thing with dreams…you never, ever quit on them!!  Work hard enough and they may come true!