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Many are Responsible

Hey Former Judge Deborah Tyner…..Help pay the bill. This is yet another person you attempted to ruin!



By L.L. Brasier, Detroit Free press


A man who spent seven years in prison on a child molestation charge before his conviction was overturned has settled his lawsuit against his defense attorney for $503,000.

Jackob Trakhtenberg, a retired Chrysler engineer, was convicted of criminal sexual conduct during a 53-minute trial before an Oakland County Circuit Court judge in 2006. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

His court-appointed attorney, Deborah McKelvy, made no opening statement and called no witnesses except Trakhtenberg.

The case against him began after his ex-wife — following a contested divorce — made allegations that he had sexually assaulted his young daughter. The daughter, 8, also testified she had been touched.

Within days of Trakhtenberg’s conviction, his ex-wife filed a civil suit seeking Trakhtenberg’s property, retirement and bank accounts. His grown children from a previous marriage then hired civil attorney James Elliott on their father’s behalf. Jurors in that civil case determined after a six-day trial that the allegations were false and ruled against the ex-wife.

Trakhtenberg appealed his criminal conviction while in prison, and the Michigan Supreme Court overturned his conviction in 2012. He then sued McKelvy for malpractice. The case was set to go to trial but settled Tuesday. His civil attorney said the settlement was one more vindication for his client.

“He wanted his name cleared, and to get on with his life,” Elliott said. “He’s been reunited with his daughter, his family, and he wants to leave this behind.”

McKelvy, in the settlement, admitted no wrongdoing. Her attorney, Michael Sullivan, said she was relying on sound trial strategy, and that Trakhtenberg admitted to investigators on several occasions that he had touched his daughter’s genitals, although he claimed he was applying prescription ointment for an infection and had been instructed by the girl’s mother to do so.

“His defense, his only defense, given the age of his daughter and his admission he touched her genitals is that he did not do so for the purpose of sexual gratification,” Sullivan said. “Because the question of what went through Trakhtenberg’s mind when he admittedly touched his 8-year-old daughter’s genitals could only be known through his testimony, Ms. McKelvy made the strategy decision to opt for a bench trial at which Trakhtenberg would tell his side of the story.”

Working on Amazing Story

I’ve temporarily shelved my work on Jody Madison because something very interesting crossed my aura.

True crime is what people want, and true crime they shall get. I’m now working on a true crime out of Michigan which combines a violent holiday with an innocent family. What makes it so good is that it begs to be written. I personally knew most of the people involved, including the alleged and convicted murderer.

The tale has many twists and turns, and takes riveting to an entirely new level. I have been in contact with all the parties and shake my head when I go through the stories, articles and allegations.

Let me make one thing abundantly clear; I’m writing this book using ALL public information. No opinions, no judgements…just facts.  I’ll give you the case, the reports, the words of those willing to share, and a complete rundown of the events.

The passion I feel for this project goes beyond the “blah” feeling I’ve had for quite some time.  After very careful consideration, I am moving forward.

I am not entirely supported; meaning certain factions are against this work. Fortunately, I have the protection of both my 1st amendment rights and the F.O.I.A.

MY goal is not to hurt anyone, and I will take painstaking efforts to make sure that doesn’t happen.  Using the upmost care in the preparation of this work is priority #1.

Keep an eye open. This will take my creative juices to a new level. My determination to inform as many people as possible drives me. When I say inform, I mean it’s what I consider necessary.  If I didn’t feel it was, I wouldn’t write it.

Like it or not, it’s on the way!

Rick the Red-Nosed Drunk

So here we have a guy that takes classlessness and political clout to a new level of under-handedness.  Rick Jones, (R) Grand Ledge, Mi has been hurting the weak while giving the rich more money. (That includes himself). 

He decided that it’d be a good idea to charge the registered sex offenders $50.00 per year to maintain the online registry.  So he charges the poorest (Sex Offenders typically aren’t allowed to work after being placed on the “list”), instead of charging the people that seek out the registry online and then ostracize the people they find.  The red-nosed drunk says that “It’s their registry, let them maintain it.”  Really Dick?  I don’t  know of even one sex offender who “wants” the registry.  Besides the fact that it hurts the individual who’s listed, it threatens harm to the family of the offender, i.e. people who are NOT registered.  This includes children.  Where are their protections Mr. Red-Nose? Oh, you didn’t think of that?  Or you didn’t care?  I think the latter would be the logical choice.

Let’s move on…This from the website

I believe constituents and citizens need to be aware of any inappropriate conduct of their elected officials. My intent is not to engage in some silly tit-for-tat feud However, Michigan citizens have a right to expect that their Senators conduct themselves in a manner befitting their office.

Rick Jones is at it again. Somebody needs to put his computer in a lock box
Unbelievably, I received this Facebook e-mail message (below) from the Senator
Evidently Rick Jones has never heard of a “Screenshot”

Rick Jones took his computer and e-mailed me on Facebook because he was feeling the displeasure from his constituents (fortunately I am not one) and others from a post I did HERE about the passing of SB 693(setting up an Obama Care Insurance Exchange in Michigan) and those who voted “Yes.” including Jones. I also made note of his now infamous comment made on the Senate floor that he had to “plug his nose and vote for the bill”

Sending a harassing and bullying e-mail is disgraceful behavior from a Senator and violates CHAPTER I – SECTION 3 LEGISLATIVE CONDUCT AND ETHICS
1.301 LEGISLATIVE CONDUCT of the Michigan Legislative Handbook & Directory states:
Each Senator shall conduct himself or herself to justify the confidence placed in him or her by the people and shall, by personal example and admonition to colleagues, maintain the integrity and responsibility of his or her office.

This incident is particularly disconcerting to women or anyone who has ever been the victim of harassment.

In addition, the fact that he initiated contact with me, several times and then continued, escalating to harassing, and factious insults could rise to the level of cyberstalking. Considering that Rick Jones was a sheriff before starting a new career in politics makes his behavior even more shocking. His constituents and Michigan deserve better.

Wait a minute; it gets even better!!  This is from


Truscott Rossman founder Kelly Rossman-McKinney has asked Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville (R-Monroe) to look into the fact that Sen. Rick Jones
(R-Grand Ledge) compared her to a prostitute.

Rick Jones.jpgRick Jones

In a MIRS story on Dec. 28, Rossman, head of a top Lansing public relations firm, named Jones and House Democrats as the biggest losers of the year, calling the senator “unavoidable for comment. He is all about the media release rather than the public policy.”

Jones then called and emailed MIRS with an unsolicited response to Rossman’s remarks:

“As an elected Senator I am honored to fight on behalf of my constituents for the best public policy.  Unfortunately Kelly, like a ‘hooker’, works for whichever client hires her — policy be damned. She always gets worked up when I oppose her clients. Business must be tough. I find it funny that she took on a Republican partner.”

Rossman told MIRS that she has sent a letter to Richardville.

“It just proves what I initially said that Rick Jones is unavoidable for comment,” she said. “Not only couldn’t he resist commenting, but he surpassed his own record for political incorrectness, sexism and tastelessness. All in all, typical Rick Jones.”

Kelly Rossman-McKinney

Jones told MIRS that he was surprised Rossman was offended.

“She took a shot at me. I took a shot back. It was meant in humor,” he said.


Richardville spokeswoman Amber McCann has declined to comment. 

However, Steve Linder, a key adviser to Richardville and owner of the political consulting firm Sterling Corp., fired back at Rossman later this week, suggesting her clients should get their money back.


“Lobbyists calling Senators losers?” said Linder. “I thought Kelly charged people to learn how to effectively lobby legislators. I’d ask for a refund.”

Jones’ comments comparing Rossman to a hooker have been criticized by many on Twitter.

He made the statement less than a month after Tea Party leader Joan Fabiano filed a formal Senate complaint against the senator for a Facebook message in which he asked if she used “head meds.” At Richardville’s request, Jones apologized to Fabiano.


“Senator Jones’ apology to me was anything but sincere and only done for political expediency and Senator Jones has a pattern of bullying women,” Fabiano said. “If there are other victims unknown at this time, I would urge them to come forward. And unless Jones receives strict consequences for his actions, the list of woman who are the victims of his bullying will continue to grow.”


Ah!  Rick the red-nosed drunk is also a bully, a sexist and a cry-baby, from what I’ve heard.  When are the people of Michigan going to smarten up and vote this dimwit out?  Hopefully this November. He’s not guiding his constituents, he’s bullshitting them right into the ground like a post-hole digger.

Oh, Let’s not forget, he wants to “dissolve” Detroit…A real class ass, uh act this Dick Jones is.  Hey, I remember a Dick Jones from Robocop…he also wanted to destroy Detroit. Hmm…what a strange coincidence.


The Death of A Country

The story continues to grow…


…And then there was the “arsonist” registry, and along came the “mean to animals” list….soon the country was under the spell of the “fix-it-all” lawmakers and they made the “drunk driver” registry, the “home invasion” registry and the “if you did anything bad you’ll be on the bad registry” registry.  The citizens all agreed.  They wanted to be protected and felt that the registries made perfect sense and did just that; protected the nation against perps and creepy people.

Soon the people became upset as the registries didn’t seem to be making any difference. Just like the unconstitutional black-listing sex offender registry, the lists grew, but the amount of crimes remained the same.  The recidivism rates dove to all-time lows, yet the Justice Department of the USA told everybody they were skyrocketing.  Our Government became “not” for the people and “not” by the people.

One day, the citizens that had wanted these registries began seeing themselves or people very close to them being placed on lists.  All of the sudden, they wanted the lists removed, but lawmakers shook their fingers and said no way.  “We’re protecting the public.”  They said.  “the same public that you said were so scary.”  The people had to grin and bear it.  The day arrived when everyone took up space on someone’s archaic and contrived registry.

People went underground, prison populations grew at alarming rates.  The citizens regretted their earlier zeal and lynch-mob mentalities.  There were more murders, arson, break-ins and sex offenses.  The Government told the people to calm down, but alas; it was too late.  Vigilantes ruled the countryside.  The killing and destroying of American ideals continued.  The USA became weaker and weaker and weaker.  Soon it collapsed under its own weight of man-made disease.

Eventually, our country passed away…..